PEF Board Member Applications

Thank you for your interest in joining the PEF Board of Directors! Each year, PEF looks to fill several Board Member spots. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Open spots on the Board are generally filled in the spring for the next fiscal year, unless a special session is announced. Positions are a 2-year commitment. The PEF Board will review all applications and interview top candidates. New Members will be inducted in June each year, unless a special session is announced.

Please review the following PEF Board Member Job Description. If interested Applications can be completed online and submitted

PEF also invites community members to join PEF committees, as well.  Open spots on committees can be filled as openings arise.  Contact us for more information on committees at Thank you for your interest in serving Prosper ISD through PEF!

PEF Board Member Job Description

PURPOSE:   To serve the Board as a voting member, to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operations of the Prosper Education Foundation, to monitor and increase finances of the Prosper Education Foundation and its programs and performance.

TERM:  The term of service for a member of the Board of Directors shall be two years and shall begin at the start of the fiscal year, at the annual meeting or otherwise during the year in which members are elected.


  • Devotes the time and energies necessary for serving as a member of the Board
  • Interests are similar to the interests of the Prosper Education Foundation
  • Shares, with other members of the Board, the common goal of providing high-quality services to Prosper Education Foundation
  • Must either reside within the boundary of Prosper ISD, work in the community of Prosper ISD, or regularly conduct business within the Prosper ISD community.
  • Has experience in nonprofit Board service (preferred)


  • Prepare for and attend all board meetings as scheduled (about 11 per year)
  • Serve on a committee or task force
  • Attend Board retreats, workshops, and other Board development activities
  • Attend and participate in the following special events:
    • Annual Golf Tournament
    • Social evening event or Gala
    • Executive Briefing or Community Awareness event
  • Attend as many of the following events as possible:
    • Monthly Star Polisher Award Recognition
    • Senior Scholarship Awards Night
    • College Night
    • PISD program events where Prosper Education Foundation funding was committed


  • Determine the organizations mission and purpose
  • Select the chief executive
  • Support and evaluate the chief executive
  • Ensure effective planning
  • Monitor and strengthen programs and services
  • Ensure adequate financial resources by actively fundraising
  • Protect assets and provide financial oversight
  • Build a competent Board
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  • Enhance the organization’s public standing


General Expectations

  • Support Prosper Education Foundation’s mission, purpose, goals, policies and programs while knowing its strengths and needs
  • Suggest possible nominees to the Board who are men and women of achievement and who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the progress of the Prosper Education Foundation
  • Abide by and fulfill this Board member position description
  • Sign and uphold the Board Member Agreement


  • Participate as a member of a team that: (1) includes administrative leadership to the Board, and others, and (2) requires cooperation and teamwork to be effective
  • Attend all Board meetings in person or via electronic communications, and show commitment to Board activities
  • Be well-informed on issues and agenda items in advance of the meeting
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience when appropriate

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding scholarships, educator and staff development, or potential fundraising and sponsorship information. We strive to answer your question promptly and will direct your inquiry to the appropriate contact within 24 hours.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 251
Prosper, Texas 75078

Office Address
130 Preston Rd., #100
Prosper, TX 75078