Marcellus Rainey

Immediate Past President

I thank God every day that I have been blessed to be able to pursue my passion as my career!  At The Cell, we are able to minister and touch lives of those that probably would not pick up a Bible and read it.  We are not perfect but we are a family.  With that being stated, we are able to show folks through youth sports performance training, individual strength/weight training, group exercise classes, massage therapy and youth dance that we can have a holistic and healthy spiritual, physical and mental lifestyle.  We are different, we are unique … we are The Cell!  Love it!!!


One of my avenues of working for the community is through the Prosper Education Foundation.  I’ve had the pleasure to SEE lives of our kids affected and changed because of the scholarships that we are able to assist them with.  Although we work with the rest of PISD, I absolutely love seeing the difference that we are making in these kids lives!


I’m the BIGGEST cheerleader of my three kids for their schooling and sporting events.  I love hanging out with my true friends, movies and various genres of music.  My credentials include an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University in Industrial Technology.  MBA (dual emphasis in Entrepreneurship & Strategy) from Southern Methodist University.  Six Sigma Black Belt from Aveta Business Institute.  After reinventing myself in 2011, I eventually received my Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  All a part of the roller coaster, which we call life … let’s enjoy the ride!!!