Stacy Cate

Board President

One of my deep passions is for serving the kids, teachers and administrators of this phenomenal district.  As a former teacher, I recognize the hard work that goes into so many of the ‘million little thing’s that makes our school system so exceptional.  I am a mother of two daughters, Audrey  ’16  and  Carley ’20, that have grown up through the Prosper school system. I have witnessed and experienced the outpouring of love, support, and commitment to success that our administrators and teachers provide since moving here in 2008. I am honored to be serving as a board member of the Prosper Education Foundation because it gives me the opportunity to support all these ‘million little things’ everyone across the district provides every day.  Together we offer acknowledgement for a job well done, necessary funds to support a brilliant new concept or idea for reaching the minds and attention of the students, and awarding well earned dollars for our Prosper graduates to take flight onto college. This is what fuels me. To keep this type of ‘special sauce’ part of the experience for all Prosper students and teachers even as we face the challenges that our growth will surely bring. I am proud to serve. I am proud to be an EAGLE!