We are proud to announce that our November Star Polishers included:

Baker – Beth Null- SPED/ Functional Academics
Boyer-  Taren Toth- 2nd Grade
Bryant-  Corey Schneider- SPED
Cockrell-  Emily Bednarz- PE Coach
Folsom-  Crystal Snyder- Functional Academics
Furr-  Sarah Stephens- 2nd Grade
Hall-  Jenny Uberta- 4th Grade
Hughes- Michelle Hilton- SPED Resource
Johnson- Chris Groff- PE
Light Farms- Angie Andrews- Kindergarten
Reeves- Melissa Nichols- 1st Grade

Rucker- Kathleen Franco- 5th Grade DL
Spradley- Tenecia Langston- 4th Grade
Stuber- Joie Davis- SPED Resource
Windsong- Wendy Kruse- Gift and Talented Teacher
Hays- Stephanie Anticona- 7th grade Math
Reynolds- Sarah Cooley- Math
Rogers- Hailey Gottardy- SPED
Rushing- Brittani Welch- 6th Grade
PHS- Dan Geiter- CTE
RHHS- Bobbi Dyer- SPED