The Prosper Education Foundation, as well as the Prosper Community, is passionate about making sure every Prosper ISD graduate has access to higher education.  Each year, PEF offers many scholarships to graduates that provide needed funds for tuition and fees at colleges, universities or trade schools.  An Application is required, and details on the available PEF scholarships and community scholarships awarded through PEF can he found below.


Next Step Scholarship

The Next Step Scholarships are awarded to Prosper ISD Senior students who are going on to a university, college or trade school.  These funds are awarded based on academic, scholastic and extra-curricular activities and achievements.  Consideration is also given to applicants with outside work experience, leadership and volunteerism in their experiences.

Prosper Community Scholarships

The Prosper Community Scholarships are awarded to Prosper ISD Senior students who are planning to attend Collin College following high school.  Prosper Rotary partners with PEF to provide a full year of tuition to Collin College with a $1,250 scholarship.  These funds are awarded to applicants who submit an online application by the deadline and designate Collin College as their first choice for future educational plans.

Bridge Scholarship

The Bridge Scholarships are funds designed to bridge the gap between students and higher education.  Those students that are experiencing a financial hardship that could hold them back from attending a college or university are encouraged to apply.  The Bridge Scholarship funds can be combined with other PEF scholarships to offer additional support with the costs of higher education.  Applicants must complete an additional essay to be considered for this scholarship.  All information is confidential and personal information is unseen by the PEF review panel.

Top 10 Scholarship

PEF is pleased to award a scholarship to the Top 10 graduates of PHS and RHHS.  Completed PEF scholarship application is required.  Those applicants who are eligible for the Top 10 Scholarship will be identified by PHS and RHHS.


Chandler Fetterolf Memorial Music Scholarship

The Chandler Fetterolf Memorial Music Scholarship is awarded to a PHS senior who has been a member of the Mighty Eagle Band program and plans to pursue music in college.  A Recommendation from the PHS Band department is required.  DONATE HERE 

Greg Dyer Memorial Scholarship

The Greg Dyer Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Prosper ISD Senior student who has shown committment to service, dedication to others, and a high sense of personal, positive character.  This scholarship is in partnership with the Prosper Rotary, an organization Greg served faithfully for many years.

Officer Patrick Turner Memorial Scholarship

The Officer Patrick Turner Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Prosper ISD Senior student who took law enforcement classes in high school and is pursuing law enforcement professionally or plans to be an EMT. DONATE HERE

Robbie Reynolds Memorial Scholarship  

The Robbie Reynolds Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Prosper ISD Senior student with plans to attend Texas A&M and/or pursue a career in agricultural studies.


CoServ Charitable Foundation Scholarship

The CoServ Charitable Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a Prosper ISD Senior student from each high school in the district who has exhibited strong citizenship skills and intends to pursue a degree in the STEM fields.

Danny Wilson Allstate Assisting a Dream Scholarship

The Danny Wilson Allstate Assisting a Dream Scholarship goes to a Prosper ISD Senior student who has shown academic persistence, class leadership and community involvement.

The Texas Health Prosper Investing in the Future of Healthcare Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a Prosper ISD Senior student who is majoring in medicine or other healthcare related areas.  The recipient will have also excelled academically in the areas of science and/or health science courses in high school while serving the community through volunteerism.

Joey Womble Student Scholarships

These scholarships will go to Prosper ISD Senior students who plan to attend Collin College.

FUSE Workspace “Do More” Scholarship

This scholarship(s) will go to a Prosper ISD Senior student who has shown significant commitment to community service or a nonprofit organization.

The Cliff Freeman III Heart of a Champion Scholarships

These scholarships will go to Prosper ISD Senior students who have been an active member of their high school golf team their Senior year.  Recipients will have demonstrated a true committment to their sport despite obstacles, a personal impact through the game, and a dedication to team.

Prosper Chamber of Commerce Scholarships

The Prosper Chamber of Commerce will provide a $1,000 scholarship to 2 students at each Prosper ISD high school.  Recipients will have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, significant dedication to Prosper, or exceptional leadership within their high school years.

T-Mobile Tech Scholarship

T-Mobile values the work that goes into delivering cutting edge technologies that change the world.  They are providing a $1,000 scholarship to two Seniors going on to study in the fields of technology and computer science.

Linebarger Attorneys at Law Scholarship

Linebarger Attorneys at Law believe in supporting the next generation and investing in the future of their field.  They are providing a $1,000 scholarship to a Prosper ISD student who has excelled academically in high school and plans to study law or law enforcement in college.


Jorden Dial, President

Fred Haiman, Vice President

Kenyetta Pettaway, Secretary

Brad Stein, Treasurer

Josh Brown, Member

Roby Bledsoe, Board Member

Tasha Bradley, Board Member

Megan Brandon, Board Member

Stacy Cate, Board Member

Matt Cox, Board Member

John Gayhart, Board Member

Natalie Greer, Board Member

Lindsey Sharp, Board Member

Andres Terrazas, Board Member

Kris Wilson, Board Member

Prosper ISD Committee Representatives

Bill Beavers, School Board

Dr. Holly Ferguson, Superintendent

Bernadette Gerace, District Liaison

PEF Staff

Elizabeth Johnston, Executive Director

Stacey Jones, Project Coordinator



Students wishing to begin work on their application in advance can access the essay section here



  • Scholarship applications are available online starting January 14, 2022.
  • Applications must be submitted online and by February 24, 2022 at 5:00 pm CST
  • All Applicants must have 2 letters of recommendation, one from a teacher and one from a community member (not a relative). These must be submitted online through the application portal.
  • Senior students graduating from any Prosper ISD high school are eligible and should apply.
  • Some community scholarships may have donor specific criteria that is assigned to a campus.
  • PEF evaluates outside work and volunteerism equally.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline or without all required document will not be considered.
  • Once all required documents are uploaded and completed, students must log in to the system to submit the application.
  • Please be advised, the application includes more than one step to complete. Waiting until the deadline is near can cause difficulty in submitting the application prior to the deadline.
  • The application process is competitive, but we there are scholarship funds available for graduates of all academic levels, including those interested in trade schools. All Senior students are encouraged to apply, and to do your best work!
  • Any questions on PEF scholarships or the application process should be directed to