Why Give

Today, school districts like Prosper ISD are growing, innovating, balancing all levels of student potentials and needs, feeding students 2 of their 3 meals a day, transporting them, providing health screenings, managing social and emotional needs and more.  The list literally goes on and on.

Meanwhile, school funding has never been more complex or uncertain as State Boards make funding redirection decisions that affect our district in ways that can seem unfair.  The community of Prosper demands a top education for their children and expects the best.  Making funds available to school districts where needed can make that happen.  That’s where the Education Foundation comes in.

The Prosper Education Foundations exists to support and encourage educational excellence, achievement and innovation within Prosper ISD.  PEF is here to ensure the education of our students is more than just the status quo, but of the highest level of excellence there is to offer.  With 84% of the Prosper ISD budget going toward paying the top educators available, that leaves just 16% for everything else.  Student opportunities are important to the Prosper ISD Community.  PEF can ensure that every program, priority, incentive, and educational resource Prosper ISD needs is available.

Your support of PEF impacts the lives of our students and teachers daily!

Where do PEF Funds Go?


Education can only be as good as your teachers. Resourcing, equipping, engaging and encouraging our teachers directly impacts the quality of education our students receive. It is key to what PEF works to do each year

Teacher Convocation

PEF donated funds to ensure this event is inspiring as teacher both new and returning focus on the year ahead.  Appreciation, insight, energy and motivation are the words of the day as PISD staff prepare for a new school year.

Needed to fund the program - $60,000

New Teacher Resourcing and Support

PEF gives $100 office gift cards to new to PISD teachers before the start of the year to provide resources they need.  Additionally, PEF provides $200 to each teacher who mentors a first-time teacher through the year.  This involves hours of follow-up and help on the part of the senior teacher, but allows us to give back to them for pouring into our newest teachers.

Needed to fund the program - $30,000

Needed to fund the program - $30,000

Teacher Grants

Each fall, PEF invests in students and teachers through Teacher Grants. These funds provide classroom resources for over 100 teachers.  Teachers can ask for an individual grant of up to $1,000 or ask as a team for larger amounts.  PEF surprises teachers in their classrooms with the awards and get the funds working towards student education by November 1st so the full impact of those funds are felt as early as possible.  Teacher recipients share with us the impact these funds have in their classrooms through final reports and videos.  From coding clubs, life skills projects, medical training equipment, musical workshops, reading supports, social media concerns for teens curriculum, social and emotional learning tools and equipment, these grants impacted thousands of Prosper ISD students across every campus!  Check out some of those final projects here to see your dollars at work.

Final Reports...

Needed to fund the Program - $65,000

Teacher Awards and Recognition

Each month, PEF honors one teacher at each campus for exceptional work and dedication to student learning.  Teachers are surprised by this award in their classrooms and are given a gift basket with personal recognition items and a $100 office supply gift card for school supplies.  Saying thank you and showing appreciation to a teacher means so much to them.  Seeing the humble gratitude in their eyes helps PEF know, this is money well spent.

Star Polisher Program – Needed to fund the program - $20,000

Recognition and celebration of a job well done leads people to continue to work at their highest level.  Your support allows PEF to honor campus Teachers of the Year at an end of the year banquet and present a financial award of $500 to the District Teacher of the Year and Para Professional of the Year at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Similarly, all RISE educators were given a $1,000 from PEF for the above and beyond work they have done in their classrooms utilizing the freedom this program allows for them to write unique curriculum for their students and test innovative, research based methods of learning.

Teacher of the Year & RISE Teacher Awards – Needed to fund the Program - $27,000
Teacher Appreciation Award and Recognition Event - $20,000


Senior Scholarships – Prosper ISD Graduating Classes

Every spring, PEF receives exceptional scholarship applications from bright, hardworking, graduating seniors. Students with big plans, great accomplishments, balancing well their commitments beyond the classroom and excelling in employment, extracurricular activities or volunteerism. PEF and the Prosper community provide a significant amount of scholarship awards to many, many Seniors culminating on PEF Scholarship Awards Night.

Scholarships range from $500 to $2,500 or any amount you wish to give!  Seniors planning to attend any traditional college, university, or trade school are eligible for our Next Step Scholarships.  Seniors with future academic plans who are experiencing significant financial hardship are eligible for our Bridge Scholarships.  Through our partnership with Prosper Rotary, PEF provides a full-year of tuition for any student attending Collin College.  Set up a scholarship of your own, or give to help provide these funds that are important to students and families.  Scholarships provide funds and the encouragement students often need to take these next steps toward a strong future.

Needed to Fund the Program - $125,000 and beyond!

Prosper ISD Student Opportunities

Providing more and more student educational and growth opportunities is important to PEF. PEF has stood beside Prosper ISD to cover the costs associated with the Hope Squad since it's inception. PEF has funded the first ever Student Leadership Summit, a 3-day post school year conference for students to collaborate and learn about leadership and critical problem solving in a team environment.  PEF is making available scholarship funds for students enrolling in dual credit high school courses, summer educational advancement classes, technical certifications or students taking AP exams for course credit.  PEF also makes a significant contribution toward Project Graduation each year.

HOPE Squad  Curriculum - Needed to Fund the Program - $30,000

Student Leadership Summit & Project Graduation - Needed to Fund the Program - $25,000

Technical Certifications & Summer Classes for Advancement Scholarships - $10,000

Dual Credit & AP Exam Scholarships - Needed to Fund Program -  $25,000

District Professional Development Support

PEF makes an early investment into Prosper ISD toward professional development for staff, awarding over $100,000 to Prosper ISD administration.  These funds are used to train current staff in areas of need for the district, and enhance skills providing a higher level of teaching for our staff which enhances student learning.  Staff development funds are not always available for a district who focuses so much of their budget on current school year needs.  Providing these training opportunities helps keep great teachers and enables a promotion from within philosophy.

Professional Development - Needed to Fund Program - $100,000

Your Gift Matters!

Friends, none of this happens without your support! Our teachers and students work hard. Extending their efforts through programs, awards, scholarships, and resources helps to encourage and invest in the success and achievement of each student. Thank you for making this happen because we cannot do it without you!