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The foundation is formed to operate a charitable organization that will raise funds through donations and charitable events for the purpose of funding the growth, development and support of all Prosper ISD students, faculty, and programs. This funding and support may include, but is not limited to, scholarships, grants, and facilities.

The Prosper Education Foundation's purpose is to fund the growth, development and support of all Prosper ISD students, faculty, and programs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding scholarships, educator and staff development, or potential fundraising and sponsorship information. We strive to answer your question promptly and will direct your inquiry to the appropriate contact within 24 hours.

Star Polishers


May 5, 2020
Annual PEF Golf Tournament

Each year, this signature event for PEF raises needed funds for Student Scholarships for the PHS Graduating Class. Our goal is to provide funds for all graduates of PHS that…

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May 1, 2020
Scholarship Awards Night 2020

Join Prosper Education Foundation and the staff and administration of Prosper High School as we congratulate graduates and present scholarship awards to the PHS class of 2019.   Location Prosper…

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Sep 16, 2020
September College Night

Join Us For September College Night!  PHS students can talk with and learn about hundreds of colleges and universities in one place on one night.  This event can help guide…

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The Star Polisher Poem

I have a great job in the universe of occupations. What do I do? I’m a “star polisher”. It’s a very important job. If you want to know how important, just go out at night and look at the stars twinkling and sparkling. You see, I’m a teacher. The stars are the children in my class. My job is to take them in – whatever shape they come – and shine and buff them and send them out to take their places as bright little twinkling beacons in the sky. They come into my room in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re bent, tarnished, dirty, crinkly, and broken. Some stars are cuddly, soft, and sweet. Some stars are prickly and thorny. As I buff, polish, train and teach my little stars, I tell them that the world cannot do without them. I tell them they can do anything they set their minds to do. I tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky and the world will be a better place because of them. Each night as I look at the sky, I’m reminded of my very important job and awesome responsibility. I go and get my soft buffing cloth and my little bottle of polish in preparation for tomorrow and for my class of little stars.

By Leah Becks



We are proud to announce that our March Star Polishers included: Jessica Kiley, 1st Grade at Baker; Traci Kirkland, LMS at Boyer; Megan Knippa, 1st Grade at Cockrell; Laura Tiedemann,…

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We are proud to announce that our March Star Polishers included: Rachel Calhoun, LMS at Baker; Brooke Stege, 5th ELAR at Boyer; Heather Clay, 3rd Grade at Cockrell; Torrie Naron,…

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